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Doing Your Happy Dance

How does happiness show up in your body?

Jenn Flaa happy dancing

How can people tell that you are happy?

When I thought about this and observed my behavior (or lack of happiness behavior) I decided to make some changes.

I realized that in the past, most happy-making events were a surprise. So, I responded with shock and disbelief. But to the happiness bringer, I must have appeared stoic. If a gift was involved, I’d squirrel it away because it was a precious treasure. But the gift bringer must have thought I didn’t like it because it looked to them like I hid it away.

I realized that my behavior didn’t really encourage the happiness bringer to repeat the action…or take another risk to solicit happiness. So no wonder I was so surprised when it happened!

How about you?

  • Do you smile, squeal or giggle?

  • Do you gush profuse praise?

  • Do you sit or stand in an open, receptive posture (i.e.: not crossing your arms or legs)?

  • Do you take a deep breath and soak it all in? (I recommend trying this one, it feels really good.)

What about a happy dance?

  • Do you have a happy dance?

  • Do you let the happiness tingle and energize your whole body?

What’s a happy dance, you ask? It’s pretty much how ever you choose to shake your booty.

I've got a couple styles. My big one is kinda the Tom Cruise, Risky Business slide across the kitchen floor with shaking and hoopin’ and hollering’...Except I usually leave my pants on.

Go on; give it a try when no one’s watching! Then you’ll be all practiced up the next time a “happiness event” occurs.

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