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Calling Songs

Jenn Flaa singing sweetly

So we talked about catharsis songs that release emotion, let’s balance that

out with songs that call in positive emotions like love and peace.

The only caveat is to choose songs that are about the emotion NOT about the longing – otherwise you are calling in the action of “longing” not the action of “having”.

Here’s some ideas and remember to sing these big and full out too!

  • Imagine

  • Don’t Worry Be Happy

  • TNT (AC/DC)

  • Back In Black

  • I Dont’ Wanna Miss A Thing

  • Love In An Elevator – hey, you call in what you want, I’ll call in what I want

  • Feel Like Makin Love

  • Aint No Mountain High Enough

  • Love Me Tender

  • Tusk (Fleetwood Mac) – This one just makes me happy and peppy.

Leave a comment about calling songs you like to use.

Next time…let’s actually move onto happiness!

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