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First Official, Professional, Review!

This post got lost when I switched the blog from Wordpress to Wix. Here it is, my first review from

October 2012

“Flaa’s guide aims to send the reader down the path of self-discovery.

After living through a divorce, Flaa finally decided that there was only one thing in the world that was going to make her happy: herself. But who was she? The answer came as she took the time to rediscover what she enjoyed and then tell other people about her findings. Flaa’s book explains how the author found her own fulfillment, and the author’s hope is that her readers will use the handbook to do the same…

Reaching a state of elation may be a process, but the work outlines three steps to get there: Decide what makes you happy, communicate your needs, and do a “happy dance,” i.e., express your joy. Along with this simple strategy, the guide presents plenty of different exercises and activities…

The aim of all these exercises, and the book itself, is to give the reader the tools they need to figure out how to find their bliss. For Flaa, taking an active role in the creation of one’s own joy helps actualize it.”

Kirkus Reviews – October 2012

Thanks Kirkus!


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