CBS Interview

Frank Mallicoat of CBS Bay Sunday interviews Jenn Flaa, author of The Happiness Handbook.

When you are moving from unhappy to happy sometimes it's nice to chill out and get a little help with a guided meditation.  It's not about sitting on a cushion it's about clearing old junk and dreaming new, happy dreams

Full CD Available June 2019


Delightfully engaging, frequently humorous and definitely accessible and actionable, Jenn Flaa's Happiness Handbook caringly guides you (whether single or coupled up) through the steps to help you find, communicate and receive what truly makes you happy.

Imagine a book with the primary focus of making women happy AND demystifiying women for men and you have imagined The Happiness Handbook.  


A decade-ish ago, I was a chubby, miserable divorcee who owned a high tech company that was barely hanging on in the post dotcom bust and a singer that hadn't sung in 10 years.

And now, I am living my dream as a CEO of a thriving company and lead singer in a rock band!  This rocket scientist turned rocker chick is in great shape, blissfully happy and in a relationship with a man who really gets me.

So, what changed? I wrote the script for my extraordinary life and turned it into The Happiness Handbook. The how-to book that you write about yourself.  Your significant other will be grateful to have a guide they can follow instead of having to guess what makes you happy. Have fun doing the happy dance as you begin living your happy, incredible life!



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Jenn Flaa Speaking

Jenn Flaa speaking about The Happiness Handbook in San Francisco