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Catharsis Songs

So, you know I’ve been working out this sorrow and I'm a singer. The two go really well together!

Jenn Flaa Rocking The Stage

Catharsis songs are songs that help you release emotion. There’s a trick to singing catharsis songs...

Rock it out!

  • You have to actually be willing to release the pain, sorrow, anger otherwise you’re not only wallowing in it but you are calling more of the same to you.

  • Put the feelings in your heart and sing it from there (forget singing in tune or time or putting vocal frills on it – just sing it like you mean it – like you wrote it).

Songs either release emotion or call it in.

Here’s some catharsis songs I’ve used. Sing ’em full out, be the freakin rock star. (Remember to shut the windows so you don’t freak out the neighbors!).

The following evoke different feelings to be released; some make me stomp and rant, others make me cry:

  • I Will Survive

  • You Oughta Know

  • Piece of My Heart

  • Goodbye to You

  • I Will Remember You

  • Angel (Sarah McLachlan)

  • Desperado

  • Crazy Baby (Joan Osborne)

  • Yesterday

  • My favorite is a Lakota song that’s more of a wail. I’ve been out in the wilderness and really gave the moon a piece of my mind with it. I’ve also sung it with the rocking and moaning technique. If you’re in one of my work shops or at a UF gig, ask me about it and I’ll teach it to you.

Leave a comment with your favorite catharsis songs.

Next time: Once you release the crappy feelings…then what?

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