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Techniques for Moving Anger and Sorrow

When we last left our story, I’d just had a sorrow inducing event and was


choosing to experience the sorrow and anger rather than stuffing it.

I chose to move the feelings through me and not get stuck in “the story” of what happened.

Here’s a few tips for experiencing the feelings and releasing them. The same one doesn’t always work for me so here’s a menu of options (in no particular order)!

  1. Write a letter and express yourself however you want. You are free to use words you wouldn’t say, to use bad grammar and to make spelling mistakes. When you are done – burn it or shred it (Never send it, that won’t help!)

  2. Yell or scream into a pillow

  3. Go to a batting cage and really whack that ball (a personal favorite)

  4. Do the Rock and Moan. Sit on the floor, rock back and forth and give a low guttural moan. If you have a hard time crying but need to, this technique can often provoke the crying.

  5. Sing catharsis or lament songs.

Finally, always end your “session” by returning to gratitude and love.

You don’t have to suddenly “love” the person you’re pissed at, you could love yourself or the dog. Try not to love ice cream though, that can have unpleasant side effects :-)

Leave a comment with your favorite catharsis technique.

Next time…Catharisis songs!

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