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The Happiness Handbook

Jenn Flaa's got a secret

If you could have it anyway you want for yourself how would that be? When I

first heard that sentence I had no idea and I was also pretty sure it wasn’t possible anyway. Life was mostly work and obligations, oh and I wasn’t very happy either.

Is that you too?

The Happiness Handbook is a witty romp along the path to your own clarity.

And when you are all done, it’s a tangible thing that you can hand your sweetie and say “Honey, this is the ultimate guide to the care and feeding of me.” How awesome is that!

  1. You’ll be clear on what makes you happy

  2. You’ll communicate it clearly to the people you love

  3. They will do it and

  4. You will be happy!

And if they don’t do it…well, we’ll talk more about that in the book!

Now, are you ready to have it just how you want for yourself? You can, you know.

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