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BOO! When Happiness Is Scary

Halloween Witch at Caldron

We’ve all had those moments – utter despair, blinding rage, simmering anger.

It’s from that place that “happiness” is the most scary.

It’s scary because:

  • It’s almost inconceivable that we could be happy again

  • It’s such a huge shift that if feels uncomfortable to contemplate…much less actual do

  • It’s scary to fake it through because if you’ve lived long enough, you know that stuffing dispair, rage or anger just means it’s gonna leak out again later…probably at the most inconvenient time!

What to do?

First step:

Feel the feelings…no matter how uncomfortable. If there is any way you get get alone for even 15 minutes to just have a crying jag or a hissy fit…it’ll help


Don’t aim for happy, go for “neutral”. Think about your basic human needs: get enough sleep, eat healthy, nourishing foods, get out and breath fresh air, take a walk, exercise even. Try to avoid sugar, alcohol and junk food…that stuff tends to take us on a roller coaster ride. We feel better for a bit then wham we’re down again. Try your own experiment here and see what works for you.


When you’re at neutral, now it’s time to start thinking about being happy.

  • What made you happy in the past?

  • What are you dreaming about for the future.

  • What happy making things can you provide for yourself?

Need more tips? Check out The Happiness Handbook for more info about

how to clear the crap, decide what makes you happy, communicate it effectively and then…get your happy dance on.

This Halloween…hopefully only the trick-or-treaters will scare you!


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