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Happiness and Stress


As I sit at my little bistro table on my patio is sunny, warm California I’m contemplating how to hang on to a bit of happiness in the face of life change stress.

I’m about to get up and continue the task of “what goes to Good Will and what moves with me”, sorting a life of accumulated stuff. Some with emotional connections to the event or the giver – somethings are more easy to let go.

What of my past life comes with me as I start into this adventure into the unknown? I remember leaving home at 18 and being so happy to finally start “my” life. Now there’s the knowledge of the paperwork, packing, sorting, figuring out where the new Whole Foods is, where to get a great mani-pedi and where the cool shoe stores are ; -)

I’ve loved my California life so it is bittersweet to leave. So, how do I stay happy while saying goodbye to places, people, memories, getting focused and task oriented to get the job of moving done?

I was hoping by paragraph five I would have had an epiphany! But alas, no….maybe another cup of coffee and packing procrastination will do the trick – heheheh.

I do keep thinking of the move as an adventure. I’m excited for the new hikes, getting involved with Geek Girls/Girls In Tech in my new town, oh and the new restaurants shows, music and the exciting new opportunity that is drawing me there.

I am filled with gratitude for my life and my home here in Marin County. I’ll miss Marin fondly I’m sure but I know the thrill of returning to a much loved place as a visitor so my love affair with the Bay is not over, just changing. Plus SF is joining London, NYC and BVI of places that make me happy to visit!

Got tips for staying happy during big life changing events? Drop them in the comments.

I’ll circle back in a couple months and let you know what worked…or didn’t work!


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