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Happiness and Changes

Las Vegas Strip

When we last left our story, I was packing up my home, renting it out and hitting the road. Holding fear, excitement, happiness, sorrow, love and the dog all with equal closeness.

I'm writing you now from atop a high rise condo on the Las Vegas Strip. My work has brought me here and after weathering my first summer in the desert, I've come to embrace this surprising change! Even my yellow lab is loving strutting the strip each day.

The key to this transition for me was this:

  • Take it slow - one day at a time.

  • Take joy in everything new

  • Stay connected with old friends and...

  • Use Yelp and Siri to get around the new town!

I did have to grieve the transition from the life I loved in San Francisco and consciously let it go and move on. After all, adventure awaits right outside your comfort zone!

How about you, how do you move through transitions with grace and happiness?



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