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Entering Uncharted Waters….Radio Waves

Oooh ahhh….today was my very first radio interview (since I was 16 years old and won a speaking competition). I practiced quite a bit…I slept not the night before (being a night owl…it actually was easier to just stay up all night for an East Coast show)

But truth be told…I was wired! Not scared…excited.

This is the beginning of the PR push for the holidays so radio and TV appearances are being booked as I sleep! It’s weird putting myself out there. Telling my stories. Letting strangers into my psyche (be gentle please)!

And it’s really rewarding.

Not long ago a woman called me at work. She was over 60 years old and had lived a life of service. She’d never really thought about what made her happy. She did the “Top 5 Things That Make Me Happy” exercise from The Happiness Handbook. Well…she found 13 things. She told her lovely husband what they were and within 3 days he’d done 6 of them! She called me in tears of joy at having her needs and desires met so quickly and enthusiastically and it mists me up just recalling the memory.

I told my stories in the book, thinking about when I was in the puddle of tears on the floor how I could have used some gentle guidance about how to get out…to hear that someone else had been down too and that really good things are yet possible.

Now’s the time when things are changing for me. Strangers are reading The Happiness Handbook and I’ve heard back that many feel like I’m right there with them and that they know me. (and I suppose now they do indeed!)

That makes me happy…and it is a little scary giving up my privacy, so please hold that thought when you hear me on the radio.


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