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I’m The Bomb….aka I Bombed, I Really Bombed

Embarrassed and Disappointed

Yes, that’s right…it’s my first official bomb.

Recently i spoke at a conference. I finally spoke over 2 hours after they told me I would, the crowd had heard enough talking that night and wasn’t into it…so I cut my speech short

…so short I left out all the juicy, funny stories and just hit the bullet points.


But here’s the really interesting thing….There were about 200 people in the room, men and women.

  1. All the women sat there with their arms crossed in front of them with this expression of “I don’t need to be happy” on their face (well, not ALL of them but remember, I bombed so it seems that way of course).

  2. But when I was done speaking ALL…yes…ALL of the men came up and thanked me. They really get it that I’m helping them win by helping women figure out what makes them happy and to communicate it to the guys more concisely.

  3. AND…none of the women said anything.

I thought that was interesting.

Now…off to figure out a backup plan if my part every gets delayed like that or if the crowd isn’t with me from moment one like I’m used to! Not the best part of my day/life!


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