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Book Expo in NYC

Jenn Flaa at Book Expo NYC

It’s day 2 of the Book Expo in NYC.

There’s soooo many people here and many have been stopping by the booth. This is where book sellers, press, librarians and voracious book readers come to check out the new releases.

Today I had a book signing at the big tables (with the well know authors), I was shocked to see a line in front of me….I figured, being a first time author, I’d just have a few.

I ran out of books in 20 minutes! I can’t describe how amazing this experience has been. Here in the city I love, staying in Chelsea (my fav), walking the Highline, eating scrumptious food and hanging out with great friends and family. Fantastic!

Yeah baby…I’m happy dancing


Jenn Flaa Signing Books in NYC

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