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2nd Edition Launch at

Thumb Butte Book Fair

Nov 13. 10-2pm

Elks Theatre, Prescott AZ

You’d think that having a successful career as a satellite communications engineer and CEO that I’d be happy.  But no. I’d checked the career boxes but my marriage tanked, my soul was unfulfilled, I had some old trauma that I’d never faced and I’d stopped singing and fluting long ago.


Happiness - what was that even?  Was the feeling I so desperately wanted even possible?


With my engineers brain and my musician’s heart I set out to “figure out happiness” and I found it!  The men in my life (mostly engineers and musicians) were amazed at my transformation and begged me to tell my “secret” to their ladies because they wanted to make them happy too.

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So, here’s my secret - it’s a journey.  3 steps if you’re “fine” and 4 steps if you’re “broken” like I was.  I won’t tell you how to be happy -no one can. Your happiness is unique to you.  


I’ll gently guide you on your journey as you heal past wounds and (re)discover what makes you happy.  But we won’t stop there.  I’ll help you communicate what makes you happy to your loved ones, friends and co-workers.


You’ll realize that your happiness becomes a fabulous tool in boundary setting.  I’ll encourage you to receive happiness and let it show up in your body with a smile, giggle and even your own happy dance.


If you get stuck or find that you’ve got some sorrow, anger or even rage that you need to release and shift, there is a whole Troubleshooting section to help you work through the tough stuff.


Grab a pen, crack open the book and begin writing your very own Happiness Handbook with me.

Jenn Flaa Author of The Happiness Handbook


Delightfully engaging, frequently humorous and definitely accessible and actionable, Jenn Flaa's Happiness Handbook caringly guides you (whether single or coupled up) through the steps to help you find, communicate and receive what truly makes you happy.

Imagine a book with the primary focus of making women happy AND demystifiying women for men and you have imagined The Happiness Handbook.  


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